Do I need to register?

The first question, perhaps, is, "Do I need to register?"

Registration is not required to view the page or make a purchase, but it is necessary to view events or videos.

Here you will find more information about when and where to register.


Registration had to be mandatory because viewers can use the chat during performances, and if someone writes inappropriate things (e.g. politics, extremists, or anti-Semitic messages), we, as the responsible service provider, must be able to identify who the person is and, if necessary, we may have to ban him from the performance or even from the site.

In this article, you can learn about good behaviour in the chat.

Users can only be identified by registration, so this is necessary.

Data protection

Many people may wonder what happens to their data, or whether we will harass them with different newsletters, etc. Our Privacy Policy describes exactly what we can use it for, for what purpose, and what data we may store about users, but in short, we ask for less information during a registration than during a specific purchase, so there is no downside for a viewer if they have to register to view tickets.

"You don't have to register elsewhere, how do they solve it?"

That may be a legitimate question, but the answer is very simple. On sites where chatting is possible in addition to the show, it is mandatory to register everywhere, and everywhere because of the same obligation that we have written above.

Where requested, it is enough to buy only one ticket and to watch the concert or performance without registration, there is also a smaller range of functions available.

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