Why is the stream lagging?

For a broadcast to be interactive on LiveYu you have to be able to watch the live concert in real-time, same with your reactions, which can be heard by the performer as well as other viewers. For this we provide the technical background. We are streaming in high quality with only 1-2 seconds delay. In order to guarantee this, a suitable device and good Internet quality is required on your side as well. You can read about the technical requirements here (currently only available in Hungarian):

What should I do to eliminate lag?

You can find a cog icon in the lower right corner of the LiveYu player. With this you can set two things: the delay and the stream quality.


The default setting is Auto, which means that the stream delay is set automatically based on your Internet connection. You can override this in case you want a specific setting:

  • Low latency - for cases when it is important to be present in real-time; we keep the latency low, which means that if you have temporary Internet connectivity issues, the stream will lag, but it will keep the near real-time delay, so you van hear your pressed emote buttons in 1-2 seconds along with the performer

  • Stabile connection - For cases when it is important that the performance is continous; the playback won't lag, but it will have more than 1-2 seconds of latency, resulting in you hearing your pressed emore buttons with more delay.

Stream quality

When you have issues with the playback, you should reduce the stream quality. Lower quality requires less bandwidth which also reduces you're data plan usage. The highest quality is 1080p, the lowest 360p. The default setting is based on what device you are using to view the performance. On desktop the default is 1080p, on mobile 360p.

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